Options Trading Strategies Workshop

(The art of making profits using Option Strategies in all market conditions )

Options Strategies For Successful Trading Workshop is all about learning the Art of Making Profits using Option Strategies in all market conditions whether rising or falling. Our Training course will make you understand all the important Power Concepts in the Options Analysis, help you to learn to understand the PCR Charts, Option Pain Charts, understand when and where to use what strategy and thereby trade successfully.
We recommend Rs 29900/- program which consists of one day Options Strategies classroom workshop with 1 year subscription of advanced Option Analysis Software with live NSE candle datafeed and with access for 1 year to our Special TradersCockpit Trainees Forum. Through this forum, you get complete support from the trainers about your queries as well you get access to live technical trades and strategies being discussed by our trainees alumnus, some of whom are extremely successful and powerful traders.

Call us on 080- 39275521 OR 8123333977 OR 7090016665 OR 8722229700 OR 8722001375 or mail us at support@tcacademy.in now for complete details.

Basics of Options - Content/Webinar will be shared before the workshop
· Options Advantage - What are they, Options history
· Options Terminologies - Strike, Spot, Expiry, Exercise, Intrinsic, Time Value
· Option Types - American, European, Asian
· Option Types - Puts and Calls - ATM, ITM, OTM

All training held at Bangalore are simultaneously available for webcast online live and interactive, means you will hear and interact with trainer realtime through internet sitting from your home.

Topics Covered : Six Modules Covering A2Z of Options Strategies
· Option Pricing - Factors affecting Options Price and Mastering Options Greeks- Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho
· How and when to Buy and Sell Naked Options
· How to trade Options at Expiry?
· Mastering Options Strategies with over 30 Options Trading Strategies - Spreads-Vertical/Ratio, Bullish, Bearish, Rangebound / Breakout, Hedging, Income, each with understanding of Entries and exits
· Get complete understanding of how and when to use which strategy and also different strategies are compared to understand which one works better.
· How to use Options to generate Income on your Stock / Mutual Fund Portfolio
· Performing Options Open Interest Analysis to understand Price Direction, Support and Resistance.

·Learn our proprietary 5 step methodology by which you will be able to select and apply the right option strategy and execute the trade in minutes.

Workshop Schedules
Training Location
Session Starts AUG 31st
Session Ends AUG 31st
Fee 11,900*